Twenty-three, baby

I’m a tad late to the New Year’s resolutions party, but since I turned twenty-three last week, I figured this called for a post filled with thoughts and personal reflections.


I’m very excited about this. For years I’ve been eyeing creatives and admiring their work from afar. However, these past few months, something has awoken inside of me and I’ve been feeling the need to create. Photography is one way for me to express myself, and I still love capturing moments, but I want to do more. I have taken up latch hooking and I can’t tell you how much I enjoy this. I’ve also been reading up on hand lettering/typography to get the hang of that (which has been on my mind for a very, very long time). I can’t wait to start trying out various techniques and share them with you. However, there are still so many more things I’d like to master. Like how to create ceramics or how to weave those beautiful wall hangings you see popping up everywhere. The probability of this creative surge having something to do with the fact that I follow a gazillion creatives on Instagram is very real, but hey, the ambition’s here!


Put very simple, it’s time to stop worrying about things that will not matter a few days from now.


This is something I realized on my birthday this year. It wasn’t the most special day, since I had an exam the following day and I was home alone for most of the day. I was rather bummed, since my birthday is my absolute favourite day of the year and it’s something I look forward to immensely. That’s when I realized it made no sense to only feel this excitement on the 19th of January. Why not feel this good every day? So here’s what I’m going to do: I am going to start pretending like it’s my birthday every single day, and that is going to make me happier.


I am an active social media user, and have been for ages now. However, the last couple of months I realized that I was no longer checking my phone out of interest, but out of boredom. I found myself scrolling through Twitter without reading one thing that made me laugh or think. Most of all, I was annoyed. The same goes for Facebook. I thought about how I could fix this, how I could transform these platforms into the happy place they once were. While thinking this over, I realized that my only option was to unfollow anyone that didn’t inspire me in any way. This sounds a bit drastic, and I didn’t unfollow these people because they aren’t friendly or interesting in real life. I just didn’t connect with them online, and they were cluttering my timeline. I felt quite uneasy about this at first, but then I read an article about someone who felt the exact way I did. He explained that it wasn’t about them, but rather about me personally. I am the one having to scroll through these messages, I am the one getting fed up and annoyed, I am the one wasting time on messages that don’t interest me. And I should be the one choosing who to follow and who not to follow. I can only advise you to do the same. It’s helped me a lot, and I am back to truly enjoying my online spaces as I now only follow people who truly inspire me in various ways.


This one goes for a lot of things in my life. From thinking about what comes out of my mouth, to thinking about why I want something. Just stop for a minute and think. Why are you doing this? What makes you feel like this?