Tout est magique

Bonjour! Today I’d like to introduce you to another fine artist/illustrator/magic maker!

Amsterdam-based Milou Neelen is the creative mind behind Hotel Magique. (You may also know her as the brain and hands behind the Love Stories Intimates illustrations, and even various Scotch & Soda prints.)

Hotel Magique 4

Apparently, Milou fell in love with the word ‘Magique’ “which planted the seed to build a brand with magique-related artworks”. And let’s be honest here, we all need a little magic from time to time, so this is perfect! Milou’s work is right up my alley, and I honestly wish I had the talent to create these beautiful artworks, but since I don’t (or haven’t discovered it yet), I’ll settle for a copy of each of hers!

Fun extra: about a week ago I entered an instagram competition where I could win one of six (beautiful) prints, and guess what? I WON! Like any other normal human being, I then camped by the front door, waiting for my present to arrive.

Hotel Magique 1 Hotel Magique 2 Hotel Magique 3

Hotel Magique - hush-e-38Hotel Magique - hush-e-57Hotel Magique - hush-e-23

Thank you so much for the beautiful additions to my home, Milou. That lovely little card was such a nice surprise! x

(pictures by Hotel Magique and me)