After my exams I was in serious need of a quick getaway, so I was super excited to get on the train and zzzoof away to London, one of my all time favourite cities. We opted for a next level hipster stay at Ace Hotel, and boy did I enjoy that. Read along to find out more about my stay and the neighbourhood!



This place takes cool to a whole other level. The lobby functions as a meeting/working/drinking/ partying/shopping space and is always (and I do really mean ALWAYS) packed with people. The rooms are decorated into perfection and you can purchase almost everything you see. (On a more critical note: that did mean that we couldn’t use a lot of the stuff because opening a jar automatically meant you had to pay for it.) You’ll find some magazines, bathrobes (but no slippers :-( don’t cool people wear them?), a record player and a couple of old lp’s, a pencil sharpener, lots of food and skin products. The hotel also has a verrry good (but pricy) restaurant named Hoi Polloi, which has a flower shop at the entrance. This place was made for me, I’m telling you! 



We opted to just walk out of the door, pick a direction and wander around the neighbourhood. That turned out to be a pretty good idea! Shoreditch is known as the ‘cool’ area and you’ll find lots of urban vibes here, especially because of all the street art. It’s not like (most of) the graffiti you find here in Belgium, but actual pieces of art that make the streets look brighter and prettier. The streets are packed with restaurants, bars and shops that all look equally inviting so you really can’t go wrong here.

Some of my favourite shops:

  • Jimbob Art – ceramics, artworks, stationery, all with hilarious bears and other creatures on them. I wanted everything. / 24 Cheshire St. London, E2 6EH
  • A.P.C. –  if you want the half-moon bag, you better put your name on the waiting list because they were sold out everywhere! / 15 Redchurch St. London, E2 7DJ
  • Aimé – a multi brand lifestyle boutique showcasing the best in French design. / 17 Redchurch Street. London, E2 7DJ
  • BOXPARK – a modern market with lots of great shops and food. / 2-10 Bethnal Green Rd. London. E1 6GY



As I said before, the place is packed with restaurants. We just picked some and 9 times out of 10 it was as if we’d hit the jackpot!

  • Hoi Polloi – the restaurant on the ground floor of the Ace Hotel. The food is delicious, but a tad pricy (meaning as a guest you probably won’t stay in every night, but opt for cheaper options). / 100 Shoreditch High St. London. E1 6JQ
  • Pizza East – this is honestly the best Italian restaurant I have EVER been to! I still dream about it. GO THERE!! / 56 Shoreditch High St. London. E1 6JJ
  • Forge & Co – very cosy, lovely interior and delicious food. What more could you ask for? / 154-158 Shoreditch High Street. London. E1 6HU

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Stay tuned, because we visited some other lovely neighbourhoods that will all get their own post.

Kick some ass today, x