Scented candles

One thing I always turn to when the days are getting shorter (and colder) are scented candles. (OK not just then…) I’m a bit of a sucker for these fellows! They light up the room, create a cozy atmosphere and smell so damn GOOD! I have a very specific taste when it comes to scents, and mostly stick to typical winter candles. The ‘fresh and fruity’ aromas are perfect for sunnier times, but I just can’t seem to fall for them..

Beneath you’ll find my current three (very yummy) favourites.

Rituals – Sacred Fire


This Rituals candle is placed right next to my bed. It’s the perfect scent to fall asleep to. I think it used to be Rituals’ special edition Christmas candle, so it’s perfect for this time of the year. Find it here.

Skandinavisk – Snö


This one I bought at Bliss and it’s  keeping me company behind my desk. Lighting this baby is the first thing I do when I enter my office as it really calms me down. Work gets done so much better (and faster) when the room is filled with a nice aroma. I seriously recommend it! Find it here.

Meraki – white tea + ginger


The Meraki is the newbie of the group. I bought this candle when visiting the juttu store in Antwerp, and it’s still waiting for its spot. I think I might place this one in my bathroom, as it’s the most ‘fresh’ one of the bunch. I was a bit hesitant because of this, but couldn’t resist buying it in the end. Find it here.

I really want a diptyque one as well, not just for the scent but also because they are so prettyyy! Extra fun: these three candles are all pretty affordable since I’m a student on a budget here ;-)