Hey guys! It’s been a long time since I last posted something but I just needed to focus on my exams these past weeks. With four done and only one more to go I did manage to find a hole in my schedule to put together this final holiday ‘postcard’.

These pictures were taken on our trip to Lindos, a gorgeous town filled with little white houses, donkeys, flowers, the Acropolis and a lot of hidden treasures. It was super hot, hence the cute hat I bought upon arrival, but we did manage to survive the day. Our main goal was to get to the top to visit the Acropolis. We took the ‘Lindos taxi’ aka two adorable donkeys (they were in pretty good health and seemed to receive quite some love. Plus we’re pretty light, so no harm was done to the cuties).

After a lot of sightseeing and sweating our butts off, we walked back down and found ourselves a nice place to eat. A little tip: don’t go looking for food on the main roads. Just take a turn and you’ll find yourself in a much less touristy area with loads of restaurants that offer a nice view of the town (and serve yummie food). When you’re done stuffing your tummy it’s time for some exploring. We managed to find an ancient theatre and a magnificent little beach. Definitely worth a visit, guys! Now I’m off to my books again. Have a nice day and keep those fingers crossed for me, pretty please!

IMG_5449 IMG_5463 IMG_5472 IMG_5493IMG_5505 IMG_5550IMG_5506 IMG_5512IMG_5494 IMG_5539IMG_5574 IMG_5582 IMG_5583