Kunegonde Leys

A couple of months ago, I was driving around a very inviting part of Antwerp. The sun was shining and so people were walking their dogs or watching me from a well chosen spot on the terrace of the local cafe. I say watching me, because that’s how it felt from my point of view. You see, I was en route to an appointment and the sad truth is that I was lost. Lost, I hear you think. In this age? Yes. The kind lady guiding me seemed to get a kick out of having me chase my tail by riding around in circles. I swear I crossed the same street four times in ten minutes. Thank god, I left in time.

I finally managed to arrive at my destination, with a couple of minutes to spare I might add – and went over the ring the bell of what I suspected to be a beautiful home. I found out I was right only a couple of moments later, as I walked into the living area and was greeted by not only the inhabitants, but also an ostrich who was hanging about, minding his own business. I’ll let the pictures do the talking now and end by welcoming you into the home of Kunegonde and Alexander, a lovely couple with a great sense of style.

Curious about the ostrich and/or the story behind the interior? You can find the full home tour on www.roomin.be soon.