Kif Kef Apartment

Today, I’d like to show you around a rental apartment in the city of Antwerp, Belgium.

The apartment belongs to Sumeyye Ata, founder of online interior destination Kif Kef.

When she first launched her business, its main focus was selling revamped vintage chairs, but because she couldn’t keep up with the demand, Sumeyye returned to the original manufacturer and asked them to commence producing the chairs once more. She now sells newly fabricated pieces of furniture.

A couple of months ago, Sumeyye added another branch to her business when she started renting out an apartment in her own house. The apartment is open to travelers from all around the world, and contains several Kif Kef gems.

To keep herself busy (but not really), Sumeyye started renovations on yet another floor in the building. This one will, in time, house the Kif Kef Loft – a space that, au contrair to the one pictured here, will focus on a masculin and industrial design.

The full tour will be up on roomin soon.