I do art

 Hey guys. I’ve decided to switch things up a bit. Since the sky turns black so damn early these days, I’ve been having trouble finding the time to shoot outfits. Plus with my exams coming up, I’m pretty sure the outfits would turn out to be less than interesting (read sweatpants and boxy sweaters – I’m classy like that). So I’m going to (try to) entertain you some other way.
You may have noticed that I’m kind of into interior design. I’m all for the scandinavian way of living: light colours, the use of raw materials and that minimalistic vibe, yup yup yup. Besides pinning my favourite designs, I’ve also been doing some research for personal use (hint hint). One of the things I searched for were illustrations and prints. I feel that they really add that special touch, see. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to purchase one myself, but I have been hunting and today I would like to share one of my discoveries with you.
Behold: I DO ART.
The webshop is run by I DO ART, a danish platform “where selected danish artists, designers, photographers and creative souls write about their work, their experiences and what inspires them”. Unfortunately the blog is mainly written in danish, so I do not understand a word these souls are saying, BUT the images are really pretty! Which leads me to the following: the webshop. Here you’ll find tons of beautiful illustrations and most of them are hella cheap aswell (score!). Go take a look, you guys. I promise you won’t regret it (your bank account might…)