Golden hour

Good morning, guys. This last week has been absolutely amazing and I have lots to tell you! On Tuesday I put on my walking shoes and got ready to cross the country. That may be a little exageration, but I did spent the day in three different provinces. As a result this ended up being the best day of the week! I spent the evening at oona, who turned their office into a true playground for fashion and beautylovers. This was a first for me, so this was superduper exciting! But, more about that later. I couldn’t stay there very long though, because there was someone waiting for me in Brussels (ahum Ed Sheeran ahum). For the second time!! I didn’t dare take my camera to the venue so unfortunately there are no pics #sadpanda (oh, but there is one on instagram!). To top this week off, I had dinner with the girls on Thursday (happy birthday once more, Ax!).

Now, about these pictures. I decided to pay a visit to the MAC store and came home with this fabulous lipstick among other things and it’s been glued to my lips ever since. The light was particularly pretty this day, so we just had to go out and click away. Have a nice monday!

Mango sweater and necklace – H&M denim –  Guess booties – Sessun coat – MAC Candy Yum-Yum
IMG_6230 IMG_6252 IMG_6265 IMG_6270 IMG_6298 IMG_6300