Corfu #3: ocean flowers

I have one last Greece related post for you guys. It has been almost a month since I came back, so it’s about time we round this up, don’t you think? This one is all about deep blue seas and pretty monasteries in the North of Corfu.


All the non-blue pictures were taken in the Paleokastritsa monastery, which is truly magnificent! It has been around for a looong time and some of the monks still live there (you can spot one trying, but obviously failing, to steer clear of the cameras below). It’s not that big though, so if you don’t want to get squished between a horde of tourists (like us. It was fantastic) I suggest you go in the early morning. A little note: if you happen to be a woman and you like to wear short shorts like I do (I mean, it was HOT!!!), you will get a most fabulous skirt to show off during your visit! Flaunt it with pride ;-).

On a whole other note, I’m done studying for the Summer! I finished my exam yesterday, so now we’re back to being lazy and enjoying the sun and whatnot, hooray! I’m also working on some little things behind the scenes here which I’m super excited about! Can’t share anything just yet, but I promise it’s going to be gooood. Enjoy your day! x