You may remember me telling you about a final trip to end my holiday season before the start of school? A couple of weeks ago, the boyfriend(‘s family) and I packed our bags and jumped in the car headed for the airport. Our destination? Sunny España!


We arrived at the airport and met up with my boyfriend’s uncle, who is lucky enough to actually live in Spain (and who took it upon himself to act as our personal tour guide). We  had booked a bed and breakfast online, but upon arrival it turned out that the owner did not know we were coming… UHM WHAT? She had no idea, so naturally she didn’t have any room for us. Turned out her account got hacked and we had been scammed. So much for that lazy holiday feeling. We got lucky, though. Tim’s uncle made use of his local connections and found us a small apartment to stay in for a very reasonable price. It wasn’t nearly as fancy as the B&B but oh well, it wasn’t like we could afford to be picky.


The weather was really good. It wasn’t super hot, but just right if you know what I mean? We ate (a lot!), slept (not that much since I had this annoying cough), went to the beach, went on a boat ride, to the park and to the city. After all that we ate some more! We also met some Spanish and English friends, which was really cool. It gave me a chance to dust off my long forgotten Spanish speaking skills and swoon over the English accent (god, I love the Brits).

TIPS (beware, this is going to be a long post!): 
1/ Parque de La Paloma

A parc close to the port and the beach that houses a large lake, lots of animals, palm trees and a huge cacti selection!! You have the chance to lunch and drink here. It was so much fun walking here that we actually went here twice.

IMG_5589 IMG_5607 IMG_5534IMG_5613

Wearing: Shirt, Essentiel / Shorts, Brandy Melville / Shoes, Superga / Necklaces, Maison Scotch & Imagin Jewels / Bag, Chloe / Sunglasses, D&G

2/ Butterfly Farm

It’s not Spanish at all. As a matter of fact, the building looks like it’s Asian inspired. Anyway, if you’re into butterflies, you will like this. You enter a room that looks like a garden where the butterflies (and other animals) fly around freely. I on the other hand am not a big fan of bugs, and even though these little fellows look pretty, I do NOT want one sitting on my hand. So this was a bit of a freak out session for me..

IMG_5668 IMG_5671 IMG_5675 IMG_5684 IMG_5722

3/ Paseo del Parque

I don’t have any pictures, but this parc is heaven. It’s long and small, but the plants, the odeurs… The atmosphere is so lovely. When you’re in Malaga city this is a must visit!

IMG_5853 IMG_5862 IMG_5879 IMG_5882IMG_5880
 Wearing: Shorts, Levi’s / T-shirt, Brandy Melville / Sunglasses, D&G