OOPS. It’s been dead quiet here. My finals have totally taken over my life and while trying to earn myself as much Summer jamming as possible, the blog had to be put on pause. I found a very good reason to break that rule though.  

I turned 21 yesterday. 21 – still getting over that. Because of my limited social life these days, the party has been put on hold, but I did end up having a great day. I received some awesome presents and even had flowers delivered at my house. Seriously, how cool is that? My only hope now is that my exam went okay aswell.

In exactly three days I will regain my freedom and I can’t tell you how much I’m looking forward to that. On the to do-list: birthday dinner, shopping for wedding clothes, visiting mr. boyfriend, BARCELONA and searching for the ultimate birthday gift (for me!) – more on this when I manage to find it, but I promise you, this is going to be SO GOOD!