‘Tis the time

HO HO HO – Sorry, but you know I had to do that! Two days ago it started snowing!!! And although I am not really a big fan of anything cold and wet (except for ice cream, obviously), I do love me some winter wonderlands. It’s not perfect yet, but I really wanted to go out and snap some pictures, you know, since it’s been ages.

These past few days have been filled with stuffing my tummy and sitting on my ass – aka studying. It’s harder than it sounds, I promise. Luckily there is a party coming up! NYE, baby. Seriously looking forward to a night with friends, food and uh.. oh right, gifts! We’re doing Secret Santa (yes, for NYE, yes) this year and I am so damn curious to see what I got! Do you guys have any fun things planned? – Oh, BTW. Have you noticed the coat?? This fluff ball has been locked inside my closet for about a year now and I was so happy to finally get him out! SO. DAMN. SOFT. Anyway, have a nice day and Happy Holidays, you guys!
Zara coat – COS sweater – GUESS jeans & bag – UGG boots – mommy made beanie
IMG_6507 IMG_6508 IMG_6510 IMG_6511 IMG_6542 IMG_6556 IMG_6559