The bang question

Hello. My name is Ineke and I’m having a hair crisis again. I’m craving bangs, especially since Paulien got hers and they look super badass. The problem? My experience with bangs in the past. I’ll set the scene…


It always starts the same. I see someone rocking bangs and I simply can’t help myself. I start dreaming. Here’s what usually follows:

“Whoa, the hair!!!”

“Those bangs really make her look cool… interesting.”

“Maybe I could pull them off?”

“Mom, what do you think?”

*Three months pass*

Surely I could pull those off!”

“That’s it, I’m going for it!”

*makes an appointment at the hairdresser*

“Hi! I’d like some bangs, please!”

*prays they are not too short – looks in the mirror*

“What the fuck? That looks nothing like the picture!”

“Mom, no it’s not pretty! They are way too short!”

“Fine, I’ll grow them out. It’s not like I have any other choice.”

*one month later*

“Hmm, maybe they’re not so bad after all…”

*more time passes*

“Long bangs rock! Okay, I can’t really see but… at least I look cool, right?!”

“WRONG! This is not what I looked like leaving the house! Wait… Was it like this the entire day?!”

“This sucks.”

You see my problem?

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