ZARA top – ESSENTIEL jeans – MANGO jacket – CONVERSE sneakers – TOMMY HILFIGER watch

The sun is shining, the birds are singing, the flowers are dancing to the beat of the wind and Spring is in the air at last. In other words, life is good! I’m spending my days driving to class with the windows down, singing along to the radio. During class I try not to count down the minutes and focus on the material, but it’s seriously tempting. So when the time is up and the professor says goodbye, I can’t help myself and run down the stairs, straight into the sunshine. I’m loving it! No more heavy coats, boots or beanies. Only light materials and bare ankles are allowed from now on. To set the mood, I went on a little solo shopping spree this week and bought myself some pretty, pretty things such as this Zara top. For only €9,95! I hope you’re having an awesome time as well. See yah!