Pops of red

pops of red 1

Morning, guys! Meet my new favourite bag: a Zara beauty inspired by the Céline trio bag. Since I can’t afford the real deal, I’m settling for this awesome red ‘not quite the same but beautiful in it’s own way’-bag. And the shorts, oh my god, the shorts!! A piece of heaven fell down and landed in the form of this garment, I’m telling you. They are so damn comfy! Two things I will keep very close in the months to come. Now, on to more serious matters: my finals. One down, three to go. I hope you’re still keeping your fingers crossed for me? You better! I’m just kidding of course, but it would be very much appreciated. Have a lovely day, I’m off to my books again!

Zara shorts & bag – H&M sandals – Yumi blouse
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