Plants are friends

I have a thing with greens. Not the colour per se, but the plants. In my honest opinion a room brights up when being filled with some greenies. They give you that kind of urban jungle feeling, especially when combined with raw materials such as concrete and bricks. Add a layer of white paint to some of your walls and your place becomes pinterest perfect (is that even a thing?). 

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Picking a plant is a tricky thing. It’s kind of like choosing the one person you want to live with for the rest of your life (leaving faith and his brothers out of the equation for now). Are you a fan of the big and carefree palmtree look-a-like or are you more into mr. straightforward sansevieria? You could also go for mr. cactus. He is your typical hipster with a full beard and sunglasses on his hiptidipty face (this would be the perfect time to learn how to draw so I could provide you with a visual of that. Oh well, guess you’ll have to use your imagination for now). Then of course you could also combine all of them – you should probably forget the hint towards your living partner right about now. Or not. Up to you! Now go and buy some plants, people!

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