About two weeks ago I was jumping around the house, emptying my closet in my suitcase and preparing for my trip to Madrid. We didn’t get to do all the things that were on the list, but we did have a great time and that’s what counts, right? Now, get comfortable and enjoy!

Our hotel was the small, but fun Petit Palace Lealtad Plaza Hotel, located on Antonio Mauro Street. We dropped off our bags and left to discover the neighbourhood. First stop: the gorgeous/big ass Retiro Park. I could go on about the shadows cast by the trees, which offer the perfect refreshment on a sunny day. Besides, there is this awesome lake, filled with little rowboats – übercute! When you look around, all you see is families having a birthday party, friends having a picknick, children playing soccer and adults showing off on roller skates. Everyone is having fun, it’s great!

On day 2 we put on our comfy shoes and walked all the way to the Plaza Mayor. The buildings surrounding the square are absolutely stunning and the people dressed up as Disney/Nickelodeon characters just add to the fun. After having some drinks and soaking up the sun, we stumbled upon the military parade in a street nearby. Hello, tourist-overload! And then, of course, there were the shops!

And then there was day 3. A day fully dedicated to the art of SHOPPINGZ! We walked to the Barrio de Salamanca, which is the area known for the high-end shops, and went a little crazy. The rest of the day we spent drinking, tanning and lounging #livingthegoodlife.

Conclusion: Madrid is a gorgeous city – I mean, have you seen those buildings? – very clean and full of nature. We didn’t get to do any museums because of the endless queues, but I don’t really mind. It’s very doable by foot and the shops are uhmazing! So, GO GO GO!