London Bridge

Time for a trip down memory lane. I still owe you a couple of London posts, so here we are: numero uno. This one is all about the area around the London bridge. An area that’s pretty underrated, or at least that’s what I think. I had never been there, and too be honest I had no expectations of it looking this great. If you walk away from the bridge for about five minutes, you’ll find yourself removed from the large metropolitan and inside a small town with pretty houses and cute little shops.

London Bridge-4

It’s the perfect place to just wander around for a bit. You can visit the former prison turned haunted house, take a look at a big ass boat or get lost in numerous shops going from Aesop to Paul Smith. For lunch, however, we decided to hit the big city again, as my dad and I had planned a surprise for my mom. We secretly booked a table at The Shard, and thus had lunch overlooking the London skyline. Very fancy shmancy, people! x

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