Eyescream and Friends

Hello, sunshine! I’ve been waiting for you. Since it’s a beautiful day and there is no better time than the present, I decided it was the perfect time to share one refreshing story with you guys. Say hello to the cutest (and coolest) ice cream in town (BCN that is): Eyescream and Friends!


Walking through Barcelona, Paulien‘s instagram picture just kept nagging at my mind. I HAD to find that place! So I did, and oh boy, what a pleasure it was. (Who cares that it was raining, I needed me some ice cream!)

Here’s how it goes:

a) pick a flavour such as vanilla, strawberry, cheesecake, …

b) pick your extra’s: gummy bears, oreo crumbs, go crazy!

c) watch with wonder as your ice cream comes peeping out

d) EEK, it has eyes!!

e) TAKE A PICTURE! (Seriously, everybody does it)

f) C’mon bigmouth, eat it!

These cuties can be found in a teeny tiny store located on Passeo de Joan de Borbo 30 in Barcelona. Go, go, go!!

IMG_7712 IMG_7719