Desk situation


Hey guys. As you know by now I’m pretty into Pinterest, and as a result my brain has been boiling with inspiration.

There are literally so many fantastic things out there, and I want to start doing/have them all.

I’m a student. This means that I spend a LOT of time behind my desk. So naturally, I want this to be a nice and cozy place – in addition to being functional and clean (organization is key!). My own place is well… meh. Not fantastic, even though I have spend some dimes on candles and cacti, it’s just not there yet. We are halfway into the semester, which means as much as “yikes, where did time go?!”, and I’m about 100% sure that studying for my exams would go much better in an improved setting, so this is serious to do-list material! Below I’ve made a small selection of the images that caught my eye. You’ll spot lots of white and raw materials plus (typographic) prints – I’m crazy about those. What do you think? Time to spice up your place aswell, or do you already own a gorgeous desk? If so, please share!