Corfu #2: down town

The attentive reader may have noticed how the title of this post sort of matches the previous one. Today we’re taking a walk through the city of Corfu, hence the ‘town’ part. And yes, that pun was INTENDED! Now I’m not sure you actually call that a pun? Maybe not… Maybe it’s just a play on words… but it was intended! Anyway, thank you for noticing :D (I’m not drunk, I swear). SO Corfu town! A must visit according to our travel agency. We were lucky because our hotel provided a shuttle service to and from the city. We left around 9 and got back around 2 p.m. Apparently there’s no point in staying longer because everything closes and the lazy bastards nap for the remaining afternoon. When your hotel does not provide this service, you can opt for public transportation (I don’t know if it’s doable, we never used it. Some say it’s alright and some say it’s like being stuck in a way too hot sauna) or take a cab.

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What can you do here? First off there’s the old part of the city, which is like a small maze. It’s a very confusing area. On one hand you have your typical ‘one around every corner’-shop that sells hats and CORFU t-shirts and whatnot. They also sell a lot of fake goods. This is where it gets confusing. There are also, like 3?, legit designer shops right in the middle of this tourist trap. WEIRD MUCH. Anyhow, even if you don’t go for the shops (or just don’t buy anything like I did – major shock) there are a lot of pretty streets down there, so you just may consider a quick stroll around the block. Besides these little streets you also have the old and new fort. We only visited the old one, since the new one apparantly isn’t worth the visit. Moving on you have quite a lot of musea and then of course, the new part of town: dirty streets filled with normal shops and lots of people. We only ended up in this part because well… we got lost.


Moving on to food and drinks. I can only tell you about one place, since this is the only place we went (twice). TO MIKE is a wine bar and restaurant that serves some very jummy food. The best part? It seems like no one knows about this hotspot! Only three tables were occupied, both times! Good for you, maybe not so good for business..  Have a nice day!


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