Corfu #1: down south

 Remember when I told you I was packing my bags for Corfu? Those bags have been unpacked twice by now: once in a hotel in Corfu and once back home, so I’d say it’s about time for some updates! We stayed at the Grecotel Eva Palace, which I must say did not live up to our expectations. While we spent a lot of time chilling by the pool, we also visited the island on various occasions.


Today I’ll give you a little tour of the South. We went on a guided tour and visited the Achilleion Palace, which belonged to the Austrian empress Sisi. It’s really pretty, you guys! I wouldn’t mind me a summer house like that. Afterwards we visited Garouna, a small and authentic town, and Agios Georgios, one of the prettiest beaches in the South. We also went to a small bridge (of which I can’t seem to remember the name) where you can photograph descending airplanes from up close. Pretty cool, that is if one decides to show up. We waited for about 15 minutes.. Overall we had a good time! Corfu is known to be one of the greenest islands and you know how I love my greens. It could use some work though.. they don’t seem keen on repairing stuff for one, but oh well, I’ll let you decide!


Also, you may have noticed some changes to the site! I’ve been working my butt off: keeping Google up all night, stalking him with all of my questions, and getting close and personal with those tutorial writing loviedovies whom I now admire (even though they never ever answer any of my questions, seriously, what’s up with that?). Slowly but surely I started to learn about html and css, aaaand I still sort of suck at it, but that’s OK! I think it paid off, don’t you? HUSH-E never looked better.          – Have a nice day!

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