BAD: Belgium Art and Design

Yesterday I visited BAD, the Belgian Art and Design fair in Ghent. It’s a new concept, focussing on the contemporary creativity of art and design. The event takes place in the Eskimofabriek, which is a bit odd I must admit, since I have been found partying there on various occasions. Anyway, sashaying on. It’s quite a ‘loose’ event. You’ll find drink stands around various corners, and you’re actually allowed to walk around with your gin tonic. (Not my favourite drink, but you get the point) I’ll let the pictures do the talking now. I was actually one of the few people walking around with a camera which made me look very important, and actually meant people got out of the way for me. Quite the revelation! Ciao for now, x

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BAD is open from Friday, February 19 until Sunday, February 21.

Find more info here.