2 days in Koln

Hey, guys! Today I’m sharing the story of how I went to Köln (you may know it as Cologne) with my boyfriend.
As you may know I went on this two day holiday last week.

We decided to go by train, because that way we wouldn’t have to worry about the eco zones or parking spaces. After a mere 3 hours we arrived at our destination, and got settled in our hotel. For those interested, I received a Bongo bon for my birthday and picked the Hotel Dorint An Der Messe. We only stayed for one night, so I can’t really say much except that in general this is a very decent four star hotel. We did pay the Spa pool a visit, which was very pleasant but a bit cooler (literally) than expected.

Over to the city. My overall feeling was that Cologne isn’t that pretty. Don’t get me wrong, the parks are fantastic and you have some pretty blocks, but in general there’s a lot of big streets to cross, a lot of (expensive!) cars and that’s just not very pleasant. We visited the Dom, but honestly (don’t shoot me), I’m not that big of a fan. It’s covered in black dust (?) and that just makes the building look so heavy, it’s just too much for my personal taste. The interior is better, though. You have a lot of pretty floors and windows inside, so that is worth checking out.

On the second day we decided to go to the zoo (which made me a VERY happy girl). We took the cable cars there, win-win. The zoo is fantastic, guys, really. It’s so big and filled with hippos, crocodiles, elephants, giraffes, … you name it, it’s there. Except for bears :( those were missing. Sadly, after our visit to the animal paradise it was already time for us to pack our bags, go hunt for some food ourselves and plant our asses on the train(s) once more.

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